1709, 2021


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Автор(ы): Habibullo ZIYAVITDINOV

The purpose of research – analysis of service quality, which depends on the professionalism of catering staff. The article presents the characteristics of the five typologies of service in a modern restaurant practice, depending on the technique of personnel and communications. It highlighted the relevance of the work with the customer reviews to improve loyalty and credibility to the company.



The era of the employer has been replaced by the era of the worker. The atmosphere of the enterprise depends on the staff. Nowadays, going to a restaurant is not just an excuse to eat, but an emotional experience. Guests are waiting for shows, impressions, entertainment. Every detail is important – from the words of the waiter to the serving of the dishes. It is necessary to offer people not only quality food, but also food for thought and pleasure, then they will return to this enterprise. For the guest, the criterion for the quality of services in a catering enterprise is the degree of his satisfaction. High quality service is a set of necessary properties and characteristics of services that can meet or exceed the expectations of consumers.

Catering facilities to provide guests with services for the production, sale and consumption of a specific organization of the range of products in combination with the organization of leisure activities provided by qualified personnel in order to profit. To provide consumers with the choice in the assortment policy of the company is extracted as basic and additional services.

Basic service processes include:

– production (preparation of food and drinks);

– trade (sale of ready-to-eat meals and drinks);

– service (serving guests by waiters).

When organizing catering services, business processes in production and the efficient use of raw materials are fundamental. When maintaining accounting and control over these types of activities, an inventory is relevant, which can be planned (monthly) and unscheduled (for selected groups of raw materials, products and semi-finished products). The key conditions for this event are:

– correct data on taking inventory and error-free timely entry of data into the accounting system;

– analysis of the results of the inventory with the obligatory introduction of decisions on fines and necessary checks on sample items / flow charts;

– identifying the reasons for the surplus, which is just as important as identifying the reasons for the shortages (underinvestment in dishes, non-compliance with the requirements of technological maps).

The main purpose of the inventory is to control how efficiently the business procedures established at the production site work, whether the reporting is carried out with high quality, whether the flow charts for dishes and semi-finished products are correctly drawn up, to what extent the percentage of losses during processing of raw materials are correctly entered in the cards of semi-finished products.

Analysis of the inventory results is the ideal and most convenient opportunity to check and control the required numbers, allowing you to make the required changes if a discrepancy is detected.

Traditional additional services are:

– provision of newspapers and magazines;

– sale of branded souvenirs and tableware;

– animation programs for children, children’s menu;

– organization of musical events;

– organization of culinary training programs;

– ordering food and drinks with you or delivery.

Depending on the concept of the establishment, the list of services can be expanded.

The strengths of the enterprise can be the interior, the only Russian stove in the city, a special welcome of guests in the Welcome-zone, efficient serving of cocktails, an open kitchen, unique cooking technologies, as well as location, parking, proximity to cinemas or theaters. One of the significant advantages is the tour of popular chefs with master classes and signature cuisine.

Among the weaknesses that bring disappointment to consumers, one can note – the location of the catering enterprise outside the main flow of buyers of the shopping center, poor parking or its absence, inconvenient entrance, lack of windows, ignorance of the hospitality market in a given city.

Opportunities and threats are external factors for a catering enterprise, which depend on management decisions and the specifics of doing business. Opportunities include the growing popularity of a healthy lifestyle, holding various mass events such as the Olympics, football championships.

The potential of such significant events includes the opening of new transport interchanges, sports facilities, recreation areas, improvement of parks and squares, which may surround a particular catering enterprise. Among the threats in which you have to do business, there are economic sanctions, tax increases, problems from competitors who can open a chain restaurant near the enterprise, road repairs, change of tenant. All this information is needed to determine the appropriate concept.

An excellent marketing ploy can be a memorable facade, for example, in the form of graffiti or decorated with garlands, which attracts the attention of consumers – people will stop, take photos and post them on social networks, which will eventually lead to the spread of information about the company through word of mouth. In this aspect, it is important to correctly arrange the area near the enterprise, as this can become the choice of this enterprise from the side of those who are looking for a place to meet with friends, a festive banquet or just explore a new place nearby.

The main task of the company’s staff is to meet the expectations of guests, as this is the way to their satisfaction. In this regard, the requirements of management for the behavior and work of personnel are based on the expectations of guests, and the actual form and content of the standards are the criteria for the quality of services. These are guidelines within which a personal approach is only welcome.

An indicator of loyalty will always be the desire of the guest to return again and advise his friends and acquaintances to come to this restaurant. From the point of view of guests, the following list of service quality indicators is highlighted:

  • availability of services and efficiency in servicing;
  • the friendliness of the staff;
    • communication skills of the staff;
    • neat and tidy appearance of the staff;
    • the competence of the personnel;
    • availability of the necessary information;
    • the quality and range of food and drinks;
    • the responsiveness of the staff;
    • understanding the individual needs of guests;
    • effective interaction of employees;
    • stability of the quality of services;
    • service safety;
    • the comfort of the premises;
    • cleanliness and composition of premises;
    • cleanliness and condition of equipment, inventory and accessories.

Most of the expectations are directed directly at the behavior of the staff interacting with guests: friendliness, competence and understanding, personal approach. Employees at all levels need to understand the importance of providing high quality guest services. This is what makes the service bright, memorable, and helps to win the loyalty of consumers.

According to the manner of behavior of the staff in relation to guests, five typologies of service are distinguished: “refrigerator”, “conveyor”, “zoo”, “quality service”, “moment of truth”, the characteristics of which are presented in Table 1. This classification is based on two factors:

– the technique of working with the guest, taking into account the observance of the sequence and efficiency of the operations performed;

– communication and the ability to find a common language with the guest.

Table 1 – Service typologies

Tipes Characteristic
Refrigerator With such service, there is no attention to the guest. Service technology is not followed. The staff non-verbally informs guests that they don’t care.
Conveyor The work is done technically. There is no goodwill in dealing with guests.
Zoo The staff are friendly, but the work is chaotic. Service standards are hardly adhered to, as in most cases they are not. In such a situation, the guest, as it were, hears from the staff: “We are trying, although we ourselves do not know what we are doing.”
Quality service The staff complies with the requirements for work, shows a personal approach to guests. this service meets the expectations of the guests.


Moment of truth The staff does more than the guests expect. Therefore, many of them consider it necessary to share their positive experience with others, and they themselves become regular customers of this institution. If reality has exceeded expectations, loyalty is formed.

Every year, reviews are becoming an increasingly significant factor in the promotion of products and services of a catering company. According to a large-scale study by BrightLocal, the top three in terms of reviews are representatives
of HoReCa – restaurants, bars and hotels. It is about them that Internet users leave comments on the Web most often. There is a logical explanation for this – their density in the city is high and people visit them more often than companies of a different profile. It has been established that the consumer is ready to trust food companies that have at least 40 reviews.

You need to constantly work with guest reviews:

  • to answer incoming questions;
  • to respond to comments and negativity;
  • motivate to write.

This is an interactive opportunity for users to share their experiences, get feedback or reliable information from consumers of the catering company.

If a representative of a catering company takes part in such discussions, this additionally stimulates users to comment and ask questions, increases trust in the brand, and has an adequate assessment. It is necessary to publish the recommendations of bloggers and opinion leaders.

Reviews and honest reviews on their pages are always conducive to discussions. Users will definitely join the discussion and share their impressions. Thus, working with reviews will influence the loyalty of guests and expand the customer base of the catering company. In this direction, the task is to form a qualitatively different format of relations. Working with reviews requires staff to:

– certain independence,

– initiative,

– focus on results.

Of course, the hardest part is working with people. It is important to explain, inspire, give an incentive to come back to this food enterprise. The rest is mechanics. Currently in priority:

– flexibility;

– business approach;

– creativity.

Rebuilding is always difficult. Catering businesses are still in the process of transformation in terms of the relationship between staff and guests in the process of providing them with services and providing the appropriate service. But what is in reality gives restaurateurs the incentive to move forward – and that is the presence of thriving restaurants in the hospitality market that are performing well.

There are thousands of successfully operating public catering enterprises in Uzbekistan, the names of the owners of which will not tell the general public, the same

applies to the majority of chefs – as a rule, they are working people, it is easier for them to create their own culinary masterpieces than to maintain an Instagram page. But, nevertheless, if a restaurateur or chef is known to a certain extent, one should use this for the benefit of the business of the given catering enterprise. In this aspect, any ways to increase the number of guests and the average bill in a restaurant are good.

A personal brand is a collection of the best qualities that identify a person, distinguish her from others and help develop a related business. The main components of a personal brand are recognition, professionalism and trust. In the restaurant business, they all need to work together.

The main advantage that the bearer of a personal brand gets is the ability to create excitement around his own establishment, to clog the hall for any events, regardless of their concept. But two more conditions are necessary for this:

  1. Excellent cuisine;
  2. Excellent service.

Professionalism automatically stems from recognition. For most people in Uzbekistan, a visit to a restaurant is still a festive event, so a restaurateur’s personal brand is very important.

If you look at the pages of any public restaurateur on Instagram or Facebook, you can see a large number of subscribers, likes, views. When you become a public restaurateur, you unwittingly become a hostage to your own personal brand. For this, it is created. Therefore, you need to use this and monetize your publicity:

– use your restaurants as a platform for organizing a gastronomic evening;

– holding a master class on the preparation of signature and signature dishes;

– to organize the birthday of the catering company with the invitation of regular clientele and media representatives to this event, which contributes to the formation of a personal brand in the service of their own business in order to satisfy the request of the restaurant manager: “Chef, write on your Instagram about a gastronomic dinner, please. We still have half of the tables not sold.”

An active exchange of experience between Uzbek and foreign chefs and bartenders should find the implementation of ideas. Guests are increasingly drawn to live communication. Community table, Shef table – all these areas are currently actively developing. People are increasingly interested in what and how they cook what they eat, they want to communicate more with chefs. This is a consequence of responsible consumption.

The kitchen is becoming more open to guests, which, in turn, requires professionalism from the staff in order to achieve the result – the quality of services that consumers of catering services so expect.

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