2112, 2021


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Автор(ы): Lola XALMEDOVA, Ravshan ALIEV

This article discusses the use of new site templates for organizational data based on MS SharePoint. Features and capabilities of MS SharePoint, which is used on the basis of new site templates, are presented.


Some of the functionality of the settings set in Microsoft 365 is being phased out in organizations. The new SharePoint site will need to be used to track project deadlines, record development, and collaborate with the community [1].

For example, an organization is tasked with filling out new rental checklists and creating a full-fledged launch portal. How to start dealing with these problems when you need to design sites? [3]

Today, SharePoint has made it easier to work with existing site templates. SharePoint site templates are flexible enough to meet different needs and make it easy to create and populate site content. SharePoint is a standalone add-on available in Lookbook, and still remains a great inspiration for modern experiences that can be created using ready-made SharePoint components [2]. Through customer conversations and user research, 9 ideas have been developed to start taking advantage of the SharePoint site template [4]. SharePoint customers can use the following SharePoint site templates:

Website templates for communication

  • Department – engage and connect users with news and department resources.
  • Communicating with management – Creating a community by bringing together leaders and team members.
  • Learning Center – Demonstrate learning and teaching opportunities.
  • Recruitment of new employees – optimization and improvement of the process of adaptation of new employees.
  • Crisis Management – Keeping people informed of news and resources during a crisis.

Community site templates

  • Event Planning – Coordinate and plan event details with the team.
  • Project management – creating a collaborative space for the project team.
  • Trainings and courses – preparing course participants for training opportunities.
  • Teaching and development team – planning opportunities to help others learn and grow.



SharePoint site templates are automatically available to SharePoint clients and can be used by site owner permission or higher users. To create a new site or apply a template to an existing site, go to “Settings” and select “Apply template site”.

Website templates currently offer the following features:

  • Can be applied immediately after the site is created or applied to existing sites.
  • Fully customized homepages with pre-filled content and web sections.
  • News post templates help users post news quickly and consistently.
  • Pre-configured document library pages, lists, and folders that simplify site creation and inspire personal content creation
  • Each template has its own personalization guide to help site owners and editors to get started.

What about the existing site design?

If an existing website design is used, this experience is incorporated into working with website templates and is hereinafter referred to as website templates.

The “Design Site” access point in the Site Settings panel is replaced by the “Apply Template Site” access point. The organization’s which have site templates will be under the “From your organization” tab in the template gallery. Also, as part of the new site templates interface, a navigation screen displays instead of a notification panel when using the site template.

Based on this MS SharePoint program, you will be able to change the organization’s data into a new template, add additional ones, choose a new design, and take advantage of new features.

To achieve this goal, you need to perform the following tasks:

  • change the site’s appearance in the Options panel to manually update the theme for themes that are not specific or predefined by your organization.
  • In earlier versions of SharePoint, site templates were called site projects, but henceforth they are called site templates. The access point “Design Site” is replaced by the access point “Apply Template Site” in the “Settings”
  • Create site templates to provide reusable lists, themes, layouts, pages, or custom actions so users can quickly create new SharePoint sites with the features they need.
  • Site templates provided by the organization will appear on the “From your organization” tab when you select the template type. Installation instructions will depend on the design of the site template.

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